C &  L Aqua Professionals, Inc.
"Experience the Service"

Before the Inception of C&L Aqua Professionals, Inc., all Utility Systems:
  • Bought their chlorine from large chemical supply companies or welding supply companies.​

  • When placing an order, the customer was informed as to when they could expect to receive their delivery. It was not unusual for a customer to be told “we have already delivered in your area, but we should be back around the second week of next month”. If you ran out of chemical before your scheduled delivery the large supplier would hot shot your order to you and add the cost of the delivery to the bill.

  • Regardless of how many locations the utility system had, shipping companies would deliver to one location only. Customers had to meet the delivery truck in a parking lot and off load their chemicals into their own vehicle and transport it to the individual sites.​

  • Special request or special instructions for a delivery was not an option. It would be next to impossible to reach someone for an after-hours emergency.
  • Chlorine safety and handling classes were rare.​
  • Most of the companies did not have potable or wastewater treatment experts. 

Then two ordinary guys recognized an opportunity, acted upon it and built two successful businesses:
Aqua Professionals Inc. and C & L Utilities Inc.
So where there were none,
now there were two chemical supply companies in
Louisiana servicing the small and medium utility systems.
Then in December of 1995 they were merged to form,
C&L Aqua Professionals, Inc.
“Experience the Service”